River Irfon – Sunday 7th January 2007

Dave Surman on the IrfonDave S, Seth, Doug, Kiwi Michelle, Ian D, Andy N and myself made a trip to South Wales with the intention of paddling the Tawe.

Doug left Essex at 5am, picked us up in Oxford then gave Dave, Michelle and Me a lift to Wales! A truly heroic drive.

Unfortunatly when we got there it a large portion of the group decided it was too high, much to Michelle’s disbelief (not that she got out of the car to look at it!), so we headed up to the Irfon instead.

Paddlers: Dave S, Seth, Doug, Kiwi Michelle, Ian D, Andy N and myself

Level: Medium

Conditions: Wet ‘n’ Windy, I think the levels were rising as we paddled.

Incidents: I spent to long taking photos I didn’t really take the time to choose my line through a constiction and ended up swimming. Arse. Michelle managed to pull a series of playboating moves in a hole on the last rapid befor pulling her deck. Seth maged to do that entire rapid upside down before rolling up!

Post Paddling Activities: Dinner at a very friendly (and cheap pub) in Llanwrtyd Wells. Had a pleasant conversation with a very friendly fisherman!

Notes: Michelles last river in the UK before she headed off toNew Zealand and she swam – to say she wasn’t impressed woudl be an understatment!

Photos: I took a few photo’s which can be found Here

River Irfon details from UK Rivers Guidebook: Here

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