Hurley – 23rd March 2007

How embarrassing. A near perfect three gates, I thought I try some thing new (in this case I tried to follow Andy’s advice on how to ‘blunt’), I went over. Rolling up I seemed to hit my helmet with my hand and let go of my paddles. My hand rolling doesn’t exist so it was […]

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Hurley – 18th March 2007

Sunday afternoon, blue(ish) skies and a perfect three gates. Being mothers day, one can only assume that the rest of the kayaking fraternity are some what more dedicated children than myself, the queue never got any larger than six people! Anyway after losing my chi a little on Friday on the four gater the joy […]

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Hurley – 16th March 2007

Lowish four gates, weird level. Gate one seemed to be split down the middle with one side a kinda wave and one side a hole. Anyway solo boating for the first half hour was a bit nerve testing, mainly due to the eddy line. Still fortunately some other guys turned up after a while.

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Sunbury Weir – 11th March 207

No rain for a few days so no white water rivers seemed to be running within day-trip distance, so, weir bashing it was then.  With the Thames bursting its banks the normal suspects were out of bounds, but the unusual conditions meant that Sunbury weir was running. Not one I’ve paddled before and neither had […]

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