Hurley – 27th April 2007

A quick hour after work. 2 gates still, how longs this season lasting? very good. What’s not so good though is I seem to be developing some kind of tendinitis in my right arm. Hopefully a restful weekend will set this right though, the Alps are coming up in a few weeks and I want […]

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Hurley – 18 April 2007

Hurray it’s dropped enough to make getting between gate much easier. Managed a three hour session which was fun, yet exhausting. I think I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m not going to be able to do that blunt I always wanted to befor the end of the season 😦

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Hurley – 12th April 2007

It had to happen: 2 gates, with a bugger of a shoulder between them. I spent most of the evening battering against this trying to get across to the second gate with only a 50% success rate. Ah well, as it drops it’ll become less annoying. I need to remember to take my camera down […]

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Hurley – 9th April 2007

Still on three gates! I’ve never seen it on such a low three gater before, a very green wave forms int he centre gate – nice. Anyway, I got stood up be Vicki and Lee as they were to hung over but the KCC’s estemed chairman turned up for a paddle and a pleasant two hours were had. 

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