ALPS 2007: Day Five

It kind of went a bit wrong today (for me anyway), but first lets rewind back tonight to last night…

On Mondays most of the resteraunts and shops are closed. However the ever resoursful Mr Surman located an eating establishment that was open so off we went.

Dave H and Andy were ten minutes late. Their faces when they found the rest of us scruffy kayakers sitting in our own private dinning room in a four star hotel resteraunt.

The food and wine were excellent though.

Anyway back to today, this morning we did the Upper Sesia and this afternoon the Sesia Gorge.

The Upper Sesia was a great French style alpine river, water was on the low side but fun was had. The last rapid in particular caused Dave S to swim and I did the second half sans-paddles.

Lee on the Upper Sesia

The Sesia Gorge, hmmm. Dave S is threatening to nominate me for trash of the year award. Water levels were higher than when we did it the other day, two swims where had, by me. 😦

The first I got caught in a hole and exited by boat, notibly I to was the first run the drop. Andy, Martyn and Dave S did a good job of rescueing by boat. Lee carried me on his boat to were mine was and of we went.

The second I got caught in the towback below a drop and dragged back into a hole. I was stuck in this for quite a while before I bailed. I had to swim the rest of the gorge to catch up with my boat. Thanks to Andy for getting a line to me.

I’m somewhat annoyed.

Anyway, off to France tomorrow…

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