ALPS 2007: Day Eight

The Middle Guil, an epic. The book says three hours we took six.

The levels were high, about eighty on the guage. The river was continuous grade four.

Given all this and the fact that everyone else apart from Martyn didn’t want to risk the undercut on triple step, only Dave S can explain why he thought running it sans-paddle and spraydeck was a good idea.

Spot the paddles

Once Dave and his kit had been recovered we started the river.

An enjoyable few Km later we came across an anonymous rapid which seperated Dave S from his paddles leaving him clinging to a rock in the middle of the river. Though Dave H stabalised him and Mike returned his paddles the consensus decided that this counts a a techical swim.

The next rapid of note ‘Le Tunnel’ all except Martyn decided to portage.

Martyn’s run kind of went wrong, we fished him out on a rope and the boat began.

Mr Hodgkinson ran the 2.5 km, Andy hitched a lift back to his car and drove to the bottom of the river were we fished out the boat (paddles had been retrieved earlier).

Martyn went back and did the drop a bit more succsessfully.

Kit retrieved Andy, Martyn, Dave H, Dave S and myself decided to finish the last few ‘easy’ kilometers.

Perhaps letting Martyn blind probe was a mistake. One swim and another two km boat chase later we emerged at the end of the river

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