ALPS 2007: Day Ten

A gentle start to break the new blood into the alpine paddling way.

Fist up the Gyronde durance then Upper Guisane. Following this ten of us paddled the Lower Guisane, again a splendid continuous run. No swims 🙂

Iain wants Nikki to know he paddled like a super star today!

Liz on the Gyronde

One thought on “ALPS 2007: Day Ten

  1. Team One Week have made it back. Travel stats are boring but for the record we left at 10 am and cruised into Calais at around 8.45 pm to be waved straight onto the 21.00 ferry. I like Seafrance. Lee drove an heroic final leg in horrific conditions to get us home at midnight. Anyway I hope you get some heat and sunshine down there for the second week!

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