ALPS 2007: Day Twelve

A quiet day.

This morning we went to look at the Middle Clarre. When we got to the get in it was 3.5 degrees, very windy and snowing.

We went to look at the Briacon Gorge instead.

This, it has to be said was a very picturesque grade three river, if a litle low side.

After this a logistical error brought on by bad communication meant a late start to thr Onde for everyone except for Me and “Aquaman”.

I decided it looked low and fancied a rest. Aquaman went for a run in a transit van.

The river runners finished it quicker than I could run the shuttle.

A quick tourist stop in Valloise for a beer concluded activities before returning to the campsite for beer.

One thought on “ALPS 2007: Day Twelve

  1. Hurley is on 4, and Shep and Sunbury are up.

    Next time you visit Vallouise I want to hear stories about the Gyr!


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