ALPS 2007: Day Thirteen, part two

Well all twenty two of us did the Middle Guil in the end. The levels were lower than when we did it last week, but still it was an enjoyable an excitable paddle.

Only a few ran triple steps at the start, all succsessfully. Dave S mannaged it wih both paddle and deck this time, which was a bonus.

I ran “Le Tunnel” this time, without any problems. All good. Dave S nearly took a line resulting in a pin, but saved himself at the last moment.

Lucile took a swim early on and Aquaman walked off after banging his head.

Mark at teh top of

A minor epic was averted after James lept to rescue a pinned Neil sending his boat down stream. Fortunatly Mark and Neil caught it promptly.

Back at the campsite Dave S and Doug have bought a new wardrobe from the Mad Yaker man and we bumped in to Kiwi (or it Australian) Anna who was out here doing her five star assessment (see passed).

Thought’s are turning to Guardian Angel Gorge tomorrow, but we’ll see.

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