ALPS 2007: Day Fourteen

Day fourteen and we did the run that last week Martyn said “We’d were mad not to do”. Well half of us did anyway. Those that didn’t join us on Chateau Queayras Gorge did the Upper Guil.

Those who did the Gorge joined in another farcical epic.

The brief version goes three swims, one walk out. The swims Dave S, Ian
(from Liverpool) and me.

The walk out; Dave S.

I say walk, really it was a climb. After swimming Dave found an eddy and decided that rather taking the simple short swim to the end of the gorge he hung around on a rock.

Some say he was trying to signal the group behind, trying tell us the line down the next drop. All we know is he made no sense and the line wasn’t good.

Anyway, eventually the rest of us got to the bottom of the gorge and set up lines to fish him out.

One Irishman, his boat and paddles later there was still no sign of Dave.

The group who had walked up the top the gorge couldn’t persuade him to jump back in the water; he decided to climb the hundred foot gorge walls.

Fortunately, Mark and the other managed to get a makeshift harness and rope to him.

After this most of us decided to stop paddling. Mark, Jack, Doug and Ernst carried on to do Guardian Angel Gorge.

They seemed to enjoy themselves whilst we mad a fire waiting for them at the get out.

Liz, Neal, Ian and Lucile then went to the slalom course back at the campsite whilst the rest of us retired to the bar.

On another note, over the last two weeks we’ve been paddling with various people we’ve met along the way.

They are:

– Jimbo and Andy from Truro and Herts.

– Kieth, Andy and Chris from Liverpool/Leeds.

– Cas, Laura and Jane from Fort William and “up north”.

All have been great fun to paddle (and drink) with with. Hopefully we’ll catch up with you all again soon.

Tomorrow is our last day’s paddle. Its currently raining but warm so hopefully we should have good levels.

2 thoughts on “ALPS 2007: Day Fourteen

  1. Forget being mad not to paddle the Gorge.

    Get Dave S sectioned ASAP. Anyone who thinks climbing out of that gorge is good idea, and then goes on to try it, is not of sound body and mind and should not be allowed out in the community.

    Dave – thank god you didn’t kill yourself!


  2. Ah. The Chateau Queyras Triathlon, paddle ,swim, n climb.A most exhilirating experience to be sure. Not to mention the remodelled autoboof facility on theend of the Burn and one lost contact lens. I would also like to claim yhre first soo contact lens descent of the Gyr. Anyone beat that?

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