ALPS 2007: Day Eleven

It’s raining. After the 30 degree heat wave of last week the last two days have been miserable and overcast. Now it’s really wet and I don’t want to leave my tent. Still, I think the plan is to head over to the Ubaye Vally. Perhaps it’ll be dryer there. Advertisements

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ALPS 2007: Day Ten

A gentle start to break the new blood into the alpine paddling way. Fist up the Gyronde durance then Upper Guisane. Following this ten of us paddled the Lower Guisane, again a splendid continuous run. No swims 🙂 Iain wants Nikki to know he paddled like a super star today!

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ALPS 2007: Day Nine

Today we ran the Rabioux, which runs into the Durance above the Rabioux wave. Dave S chose the river so its his fault. Selected comments about the river: – “Worst. River. Ever!” – “That wasn’t a river, that was hell on a hill.” – “What a f****** rock, tree and s*** invested ditch.” – “That’s […]

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ALPS 2007: Day Eight, part 2

I forgot to mention the landslide that occurred as we were recovering Martyns boat for the first time and that it was thundering and lightning whilst we finished the rest of the river. Tomorrow the rest of the club turn up to replace Andy, Martyn, Mike and Lee who are off home. So to totalise […]

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ALPS 2007: Day Eight

The Middle Guil, an epic. The book says three hours we took six. The levels were high, about eighty on the guage. The river was continuous grade four. Given all this and the fact that everyone else apart from Martyn didn’t want to risk the undercut on triple step, only Dave S can explain why […]

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ALPS 2007: Day Seven

France, I’d never of believed it but the campsite at Argenntiere is rather civilized. Which combined with a decent night sleep has left me feeling fit again. If only I could shake the remains of this damn cold. Anyway today we paddled the Lower Guisane and the Middle Clarre. Both are totally different to the […]

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ALPS 2007: Day Six

Today we paddled the Gyronde. Those in the know will realise that this is in France. We left Italy early this morning looking for granit slides on the Soana after getting a tip that it might go. It didn’t so we moved on to Argenntiere. The Gyronde was a nice a pleasant grade 3 run […]

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