ALPS 2007: Day Fifteen

Friday is faff day.

A delayed start to the morning kicked things off.

Once we got going we all ran the Lower Guisane in groups of four. Low level meant a more technical decent than our previous runs.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, even Liz who had an emergency exit from her boat in an eddy.

After this a meeting was held in a layby where it was decided that a) it was hailing and b) we wanted to run another river.

So we ended up in Valouis with half the group in a carpark and the other in a café.

Those in the café claimed they were going to run the Gyr. The rest of us (Dave H, Mark, Jack, Ernst, Ol, Liz and I) went in search of some rumored waterfalls at the top of the Baisse.

The drive up was outstandingly beautiful even if the road wasn’t as gentle to Dave’s car.

The river itself looked like a great day mission for a small team who didn’t mind lots of inspecting and portaging.

At the top the falls looked stunning but, despite Mark claiming he would give a bit a go if he hadn’t got changed, un-runnable. 

Waterfall at the top of the Baisse

Despite this the scenery and spotting of deer and marmots made it all worth while.

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