Abingdon – Wednesday 6th June 2007

Last night I spent a good couple of hours down at Abingdon weir. Wednesday is the weekly KCC paddling night and there were a good few of us there preparing for the upcoming Blastathon!

The weir only had one usable gate open and two and a half of the bad boy radials. Apparently the locku says this is to protect the signets. Not sure how, but anyway the single gate was a nice friendly level which meant I could get a few ‘no paddle’ runs in.

Having just come back from the alps I was suprised at how noticable the smell of the Thames is. It’s vile. I was also upset to find a medical waste contained containing contaminated sharps floating around in the weir pool. Something thats really not unpleasant.

Despite this, fun was had and I’m sure Vicki will forgive me for pushing her in the weir without a deck sooner or later.

P.S. A big Ha-Ha to those who drove down to Hurley only to find it on one gate, you know who are you are.

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