Blastathon – Saturday 16th June

It’s that time of year again, the annual KCC Blastathon. Held at the international Blastadrome (Abingdon Weir) club members and their friends get together to strut their freestyle skills! Once we’ve made fools of ourselves its back to the club hut for a BBQ.

The rain held off for the event and the BBQ despite the deluges earlier in the day. Dave’s organisational skills triumphed, providing not only bibs for the competitors but a bouncy castle back at the BBQ.

Anyway for those who want to know the Blastathon rules are simple all the moves possible score a certian number of points but each move can only score once.  If you do the move with no paddle you score double, additionally their is a ball (or in this years case a rubber dog bone) suspendid above the weir. Hitting this with either your blades, body or boat scores points as well.

The biggest supprise? this year Chris didn’t win out right. He drew for first place with Andy Mc! Louise won the Ladies and our solitary Pathfinder competitor won the under 18’s. Well done to all.

The rain may have put some off but it was another great Blastathon anyway.

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