Hambledon – Sunday 24th June 2007

Matt at Hambledon

Despite the rain (and there has been alot of it) Hurley refuses to go to two gates and we fancied a change to Abingdon so this morning Dave H, Vicki and I headed to Hambledon where we bumped in to Matt.

I’ve never really paddled here before and it was… interesting. Beatings were handed out, but no out of boat experiences.

Hambledon has an hydraulically addjustable ranp that allows the feature to be adjusted, what started as flushy hole changed to a big, deep retentive hole after a member of CPCC adjusted it before running away laughing!

Unfortunatly I seem to of bust my shoulder a little, hopefully some rest will fix it…

Pictures can be seen here: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/simon.knox/Hambledon24rdJune207

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