Pathfinders – Monday 26th June 2007

Monday nights are Pathfinder nights, despite the forming gale… With what appear to be record levels of water around for June the Ock had a significant amount of water in it. So we arranged a quick shuttle and performed another amazing decent of Abingdons second river.

Sixteen of us tackled the challange of three weirs and numerous shrub a few of the Pathfinders manage OBE’s but nothing serious. The first weir had a supprisingly fun play wave on it and the bottom weir was quite sticky, but still friendly enough for me to put my deck back on after Dave so kindly pulled it off for me without leaving the the weir.

Prctice of deep water rescues for the Pathfinders was in order on the way back. By the time they were back in theri boats the strong current and wind had pushed us back to the club.

A supprisingly fun evening considering the weather.

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