Hurley – Wednesday 27th June 2007

Its nearly July and Hurley’s on four gates… am I dreaming?

Apparently not, whilst the torrential downpours have been causing havoc in the northern parts of the country its made thames valley paddling a welcome summer reality.

But four gates; somehow despite it being the most friendly and fun four gates I’ve seen for a long while, if not ever, it always instils the fear in me. I mean H on four means the dark side is calling doesn’t it?

Anyway in an attempt to beat the ‘4 gates fear’ out of me I’m going to recite the following five things over and over until its gone.

  1. Rolling is easy
  2. I can roll.
  3. The wave train on 4 is gentler than that on 3 or even 2.
  4. Therefore rolling is easier on 4 gates.
  5. So 4 is easy

Well it might work you never know.

Oh yeah, despite the fear a good session was had with plenty of KCC turn out.

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