Random musings during slow times.

I haven’t been up to much lately paddling wise apart from popping down to Abingdon weir for a quick blast, mainly because there’s not been much running.

Managed to make a bit of a tit of myself by failing to complete the KCC triathlon (here and here) the other week, kayaking and cycling: Fine. But running is just not my thing. Ah well the club managed to raise a respectable amount of cash for the Cancer Backup charity which is a very good thing.

Considering getting hold of a touring or racing boat just to get some exercise during the slow times when there’s no whitewater. Maybe.

 As I said things have been slow. But the futures looking brighter…

Next weekend there the annual KCC trip to Dartmoor. There’s bound not to be any water but the last two years the surf’s been amazing and Tony’s breakfast are legendary.

The weekend following that we’re heading up to Scotland for the week which will no doubt make me update this blog a bit more frequently.

In preparation for the winter season I purchased myself a IR Union Suit. I’ve heard people rave about these but I never realised just how good they are. Demonstrating deep water rescues last nigh I stayed toasty even whilst in the water. Thoroughly recommended.

But before I can embark on all these paddling plans I have to complete my next mission: Find my battery charger so I can take some photos of these trips!

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