Surfing in Devon – 13th/14th October

Every year Tony organises a trip to Dartmoor as a joint trip between the KCC and the Canoe Camping Club, he’s been doing this for as long as anyone can remember. The last four years I’ve been theres been no water in the rivers.

However… every year there has been awesome surf on the Devon coast. This year was no exception. Saturday saw a large crowd of KCC members descend on Westward Ho! ( the only town in the UK with an exclamation mark in its name) to enjoy some large if slightly messy surf. Great fun despite the beating that were being handed out.

The evening consisted of the traditional trip to the Rising Sun Inn to partake in its excellent food, beer and this time whisky.

Sunday saw a smaller group head to Woolacombe for more surf where we met up with Mr McDoom and Mr Rainsley to enjoy some good 5 foot surf.

Some excellent runs were had. For some strange reason McDoom seems to of purchased a surf board and spent most of the day paddling in the shallows.

Thanks for Tony for organising the trip and for cooking breakfast along with Louise. An excellent time as always.

Only two and a half days till we head to Scotland now…

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