Scotland – Days Seven and Eight

On friday we headed north again and ran the Meig. None of us had run this before but the guide book promised it would run in low water.

What we found was a short two km pool drop river in an extremely beautiful gorge. And it ran even with just the compensation release from the dam!

Despite the short length it took us nearly three and a half hours to complete the river, Freds group of course managed it in just over an hour, despite Fred swimming. Still no harm in inspecting carefully.

Of course on returning to Fort Bill we discovered that it had been raining cats and dogand the Coe ran.

Today we arose early so we could get a river in on the way home. The coe was too low so we headed to the Etive. An hour of waiting later Dave S’s challet arived only to decide they weren’t going to run it.

The level was swollen compared to earlier in the week and the increased water sent Vicki, Lee and Lucile back to the car. This might of had something to do with Vicki’s two swims. She didn’t like being recurculated in the bottom of the letterbox.

Ians upside down decent of right angle falls didn’t seem to upset him two much.

On the other hand realising our car keys were in a car already half way to Glasgow upset all of us.

Thankfully they returned.

It’s now five fifteen and Carlisle is still sixty miles ahead of us… it’s going to be a long journey.

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