Surfing – Woolacombe May 3rd – 5th 2008

Lisa + Penny

Lisa, Dave H, Penny, Lee, Vicky, Martin, Holly, Pheobe, Helen and I all went surfin’ this weekend.

Despite our fears we managed to avoid the rain and even got some decent surf.

Plenty of beer was drunk (and wine, spirits etc…) some dancing was done and hangovers were had.

Helen and I drove down on the Saturday morning with Lee and met the others who managed to get out of work earlier the day before.

Unfortunately we the sea was a bit flat so we went a little touristy instead and played crazy golf and ate ice cream before succumbing to a quick play on the water.

That evening we ate in town before I passed out in Captain Jacks. I was quite tired!

Sunday however brought with it better surf. Quite large surf, in fact so much so I left the camera in the car. It was very good though despite getting the trashing of my life having to roll five times in about 30 seconds, each time I came up a new wave broke on top of me. Thankfully I managed to stay upright on the last attempt!

The evening was spent in the campsite bar/disco. Dodgy tracks were played and dubious dance moves were displayed.

The bank holiday Monday brought a more sun but less in the surf department. So a quick surf was had before braving the traffic home.

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