Two, Three (odd), Four, Three and More

An 'Odd' Three

All this unexpected rain we’ve been having of late may of meant that I’ve been getting wet cycling to work, but it has also brought Hurley back into play.

Last Wed (28th May) it was on two so I dutifully headed down after work to find possibly the highest level I’ve ever seen Hurley on with only two gates open. The EA in the mistaken belief that the water was all gone for the season had left a floating crane above the main weir and were trying to open as few gates as possible on the main weir so it didn’t get washed away.

Anyway the elevated levels had created a nice green wave in gate four and a pleasant hole in gate three. As always great fun was had.

By Saturday (31st May) the EA seemed to of concluded that there were no other options so a third gate was open. Unfortunately in an effort to protect the crane it was gate two that was opened creating an ‘odd’ three.


Again there was a large amount of water going through and all three gates contained holes similar to those you’d normally get on four gates. These levels, I discovered, were quite boisterous and I soon became one in a reasonable line of swimmers. Grrrrr. Never the less it was great fun.

Sunday morning saw June being ushered in  (where has the year gone?) and apparently Hurley had risen to four gates. Slightly tired I let H persuade me to go shopping. Once I’d finished my domestic duties it only took a short phone call from Dave H to persuade me to head down for an early evening session.

Joy of joy’s it had dropped to three. An pretty much perfect three as well. A quick couple of hours fun were had.

After a weekend fun at H I thought Pathfinders was going to be a little on the dull side. Thankfully in proved to be a thoroughly entertaining Monday evening. Starting With duck diving to the bottom of the Thames trying retrieve the weight that is used to check the buoyancy aids are still buoyant, next time Dave remember to tie on. The session on the Ock weir was also surprisingly fun and the Pathfinders certainly seemed to enjoy it.

Pictures from the Saturday Hurley session here:

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