Blastathon 2008


Despite being delayed for a few weeks due to the fact that the Thames had too much water the KCC Blastathon went ahead yesterday.

Despite the inclement weather a good sized crowd turned up with sixteen competitors* and more that that speculating from the weir.

For those that don’t know the format here is a brief recap;

  • Each competitor gets two runs of sixty seconds each in the weir (Abingdon).
  • Points are scored for each move you make from the list of official moves that contains tricks ranging from front surfing, the ‘Blast’, to old school paddle twirls.
  • A rubber dog bone is suspended above the weir and points are awarded for hitting it with your paddle, hand, boat etc..
  • Each move only scores the first time it is performed in each run**.
  • If performed with no paddles then the move scores double and counts as a separate trick for the previous rule.
  • Bonus points are awarded at the judges discretion and this year as it was mid-summers night extra points were given for quoting Shakespeare in weir.
  • No prize (except the kingfisher statue) cost more than 99p.


The rubber dog bone part may have given away the fact that no one takes it to seriously.

Anyway with Chris not competing, Marcus unable to attend and Andy Mc out of practice this year the score board was bound to get shaken up a little.

And it was, despite turning up late Richard managed to sweep the board taking first place in the men’s forcing Mike in to second place and Matt into third. Louise took the ladies award and Joe and Harry scored the same number of points in the under 18’s category.

Despite the slightly unpleasant level, and an unfortunate choice of gates to use there were minimum swimmers.

Prizes were awarded back at the hut whilst we all barbequed and debated wether Canada Goose would taste nice or not.

Thanks to Dave S for doing all the organising and Dave H, Chris and Helen for doing the judging.

And that’s it till next year…

My photos are here:

And Matt Attree has some here:

* Not the highest number of competitors we’ve ever had but enough to make it fun.

** This rule was instigated a few years back after a certain Mr Wheeler turned up and performed 37 flat spins in a row with no paddles.

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