The boat in the picture above is a Wavehopper. Their manufacturers, Perception describe them like this: “The Wavehopper is a true white water racing design in the ideal construction for an introduction to competition. This quick yet forgiving design is extremely popular with clubs and individuals for both training and competition. It has also proved […]

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This weekend we were supposed to be attending the River Rescue Symposium that we had great fun at last year in Llangollen. Unfortunately it was cancelled as not enough people booked in advance. There was no rain forecast either, but, seeing as we still had hotel rooms booked and the Doug Ammons lecture was going […]

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Surprise Surprise

The picture above is of Lee running the rapid called, depending who your talking to, ‘Surprise Surprise’ or ‘Pandora’s box’ on the upper section of the River Dart. Lee, Andy and I went down to the Dart for the day yesterday picking Liz up on the way, despite the signs in Bristol announcing that all […]

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Country Code

I’m probably not the worst freestyler/play boater/rodeo paddler in the world (1) but I’m far from the best. I love a good session at Hurley and one of the nicest thing about it is the friendly and helpful attitude of everyone who paddles there, however… There’s been a fair bit of talk on paddling websites […]

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