The boat in the picture above is a Wavehopper. Their manufacturers, Perception describe them like this:

“The Wavehopper is a true white water racing design in the ideal construction for an introduction to competition.

This quick yet forgiving design is extremely popular with clubs and individuals for both training and competition. It has also proved a favourite for multi sport events.”

I on the other hand would describe them as: Uncomfortable, unstable and terror-inducing.

We’ve been using them as a means of trying to obtain some level of ‘paddle fitness’ before heading out to California in a couple weeks.

The terror-inducing part of my description is a bit unfair. But when you’re ploughing along the Thames at full tilt in the dark unable to see your fellow paddling buddies, and you run straight in to an over hanging branch: it’s brown speedos time.

Still its less terrifying than the thought of going to a gym to watch sweaty lycra clad people running in a hamster wheel. Lets hope it makes a difference.

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