Holme Pierrepont


After spending most of the week with my eyes glued to the weather forecast I eventually gave up and admitted that there wasn’t going to be enough rain to make the rivers in North Wales worth a visit. So on Friday evening Vicky and I hatched a plan to try out the redeveloped National Water Sports Centre at Holme Pierrepont on Sunday.

To cut a long story short we got there a bit late due to to Vicky’s hangover and a 20 mile diversion to avoid road works.

Still despite the mid-afternoon start we managed to get a few hours of paddling in. Our initial thoughts were that the changes to the course took some of the burliness out of it. There appeared to be more play spots, both gentle and not so gentle. But strangely it seemed smaller, though that could be an impression given by the faster flow that the course seems to of gained.

Our conclusion: Better than it used to be.

Anyway it made for an entertaining Sunday afternoon so that’s all good.


The photo above is of Doug Cooper who along with a load of other Thames Valley paddlers seemed to be trying out the ‘Muncher’.

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