HPP Again

Louise, Neil, Nick and I made a trip to Holme Peirrepont today. I think I’ve been to HPP more times this year than I’ve been in the entirety of my life so far. It’s recent rebuild seems to of made it a lot more fun than I remember it being before. Of course, as the […]

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A Wooly Weekend

We went to Woolacombe, on the north coast of Devon, for a belated celebration of Dave H’s birthday. His actual birthday, which was several months ago, was spent somewhere over the Atlantic on the return from our California trip and it’s taken until now to get around to celebrating it. I learnt several things this […]

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It’s that time of year again

  It’s that time of year again; BLASTATHON! Once again the great and the good of KCC and friends gathered at Abingdon weir to strut the latest in freestyle/rodeo/playboating moves. Or something like that anyway. Don’t let the professional look give by the pro-vests fool you, it was just as random as usual. Great fun […]

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Well thats something you don’t expect to see everyday. I managed to grab a picture of this grass snake with my phone as it was making a quick get away from the pavement by where we park by Abingdon weir. I’ve never seen one before and was quite suprised that England is home to 3 foot snakes, […]

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Summer Weirs

Its hot and the rivers are low so you can be sure that summer is here. Hurley’s closed so unless you fancy a beat down from the beast that is Hambledon then its time to paddle what I seem to spend most of my summer paddling: Abingdon and Sutton Courtenay weirs. Frankly if your looking […]

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