Summer Weirs

Dave Walsh

Its hot and the rivers are low so you can be sure that summer is here.

Hurley’s closed so unless you fancy a beat down from the beast that is Hambledon then its time to paddle what I seem to spend most of my summer paddling: Abingdon and Sutton Courtenay weirs.

Frankly if your looking for top a playboating/freestyle/rodeo location then neither of them is going to astound you. But if you just want to get wet and bounce around a little then either is a good way to spend your time.

I managed to do both this weekend.

Abingdon, it has to be said takes the podium spot for shear fun and you’ll always attract a large crowd watching from the weir walkway. Ideal for all you exhibitionists out there.

Sutton on the other hand is a much more peaceful affair and seeing as I have far to many pictures of Abingdon I though I’d take some photos there this weekend: CLICK HERE


Above: Dave Walsh in Sutton Courtenay Weir

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