I got back from Norway on Sunday after twelve days of fantastic paddling, well, nine days paddling and the rest driving actually.

During this time our group managed to paddle the following rivers between us:

· Trysilevia

· Unsetåa

· Setninga

· Sjoa Playrun

· Ula

· Upper Jori

· Lora

· Upper Rauma

· Ulvåa

· Lower Jori

· Asbjornia

· Ostri (Åstre)

· Store Ula

· Sjoa Åsengjuvet

I think we managed to get a great mix of rivers in that accommodated and challenged everyone in the group.

We got away without any major incidents other than a few swims, broken/lost paddles and a couple of bruises/pulled muscles between us.

Hmmm, actually that doesn’t sound so good when written down. Still everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

A fuller write up will be forthcoming.


The picture above is of Jethro on the Upper Rauma.

More of my pictures can be found by clicking HERE.

Andy Wick’s photos can be found HERE.

2 thoughts on “Norway

  1. Some absolutely cracking photos there Si, looks bloody full on some of that. You’ve really captured the steepness in some. Phewee….

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