Doug takes the shot
This is a slighty reworked version of an article that appeared in the Trasher, the Kingfisher Canoe Club’s newsletter.

Paddling is all about being on the water right? Well yes, however when running a white-water river, there are certain things that should be done from the bank, especially if you want your decent to be a safe one. Here are five things to do bankside for you to think about… (Read More)

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Pathfinders Ock BoaterX

PYCC BoaterX: Down the weir
Dave Surman once again organised the Ock BoaterX for the Pathfinder Youth Canoe Club this weekend. Attendance might have been a little low but the sun was shining and there were plenty of smiling faces amongst the competitors.

Starting by the bridge where the Ock flows under Drayton Road the racers then navigated the low water in their Wavehoppers, avoiding the shopping trolleys and shooting the weir before entering the Thames and sprinting to the finish line back at the club hut.

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DSC_2849_1173_edited-1 I’m back on the Internet at last. I moved out of the city and into the countryside nine days ago. Well actually I’ve only gone about four miles down the road, but it’s outside the Oxford ring road and there are no streetlights here so its definitely rural in my book.

Above is a picture of the Radcliffe Camera in the centre of Oxford. A place that there isn’t a bus going to every ten minutes from just outside my front door anymore. I can hear cows in the nearby fields from my garden though.

And so far no sirens, helicopters or car alarms have woken me up at night. I’m liking it.

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