Mark and Tim

Last week I made whats become a regular pilgrimage to Roy Bridge in Scotland. With plenty of water, indeed too much at times, there was plenty to do on the water and I managed to get the following rivers in at a leisurely pace:

  • Upper and Lower Tummell
  • Roy
  • Kiachnish
  • Arkaig
  • Coe
  • Orchy

Notable moments included:

  • Driving to the Kiachnish, deciding it was to low so going to the Nevis only to realise it was to high after we’d kitted up in a gale and walked down to the get in. This was followed by an hour of amusement trying to find the shuttle drivers. Once this was done returning to the Kiachnish we decided it was at a perfect level. Somehow we managed to forget that it had risen from nothing in the last two hours and was still raining…
  • Coe gorge – I’d forgotten what a brilliant piece of river this is.
  • Various unnamed souls receiving numerous injuries after taking a hard left line on the last drop of the Lower Tummell.
  • Some of the group I was with managed to squeeze in the Etive on the last day but as I’d spent most of the day trying keep my stomachs contents inside me I opted out of that one.

More photos here –
Ol’s photos are here –

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