Looking down on Sunningwell

I’ve just been skiing on the hill behind our village. Didn’t manage to pick up as much speed as I’d hoped and I can see why ski lifts were invented; walking uphill in ski boots is no fun.

Gene17 Weekend - 2009 (7 of 29)I haven’t written much on here recently as things have been a little busy over the festive period but I have managed to get a little paddling in. It’s been far to cold to get wet at Hurley but I’ve managed to get a few circuits of swift ditch in.

Back in December I attended a 4 star training course up a the Tryweryn with Elements as well as the annual Gene17 Adventure Paddlers Weekend both of which were very good indeed. Pictures can be seen HERE.

Sunningwell (1 of 21)Christmas and New Year were spent with family and friends eating and drinking more than was strictly needed. But I promised myself that once the new year started that I’d start trying to get bit more exercise and try and improve my fitness before Easters big trip to Nepal.

Then the snow arrived and apart from a few little walks and the afore mentioned skiing outing staying in the warm has seemed much more peasant. Still it all looks very pretty, see HERE, and its really got me in the mood for my skiing trip, only three weeks to go…

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