Welcome to the Hotel Lohias

I’ve been stuck in Delhi (which looks just like the photo above) for nearly a week now due to the disruption caused by an Icelandic volcano and it looks like we maybe here for another six or seven days. Our party of ten have been living it up in Hotel Lohias just on the edge of the airport. To quote the Eagles; You can checkout any time you like, But you can never leave!

Fortunately we spent the two previous weeks paddling the Thuli Bheri and Karnali rivers in Nepal having an experience that was exhilarating and terrifying in equal measures. I just keep having to remind myself that it made our current predicament worthwhile.

The light aircraft flight in to the top of the Thuli Bheri was just the beginning of a roller coaster ride of the hardest whitewater I’ve ever paddled; a truly an amazing experience. In comparison the Karnali was a much needed relaxing paddle with a number of largish G4 rapids to provide entertainment. Somehow we managed to paddle 200km in three days!

I’ll post photos once I get back to the UK in the meantime here are some that Mark has managed to upload from the Hotel: Thuli Bheri and Karnali

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