The other H

I popped down to Hambledon earlier today. Which gave me a chance to continue practicing my roll (I’ve decided I need more confidence in it) and try out the replacement for the 18-200 lens I trashed in Nepal. As always Hambledon gave me plenty of opportunities to practice rolling, it seems near impossible to come out of […]

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Abingdon Watersports Day

This weekend was the second annual Abingdon Watersports Day. Along with a large number of other KCC members I spent most of Saturday helping the residents of Abingdon have a go at kayaking. More about this can be found on the Kingfisher Canoe Club website: HERE

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Not padding

A number of friends have gone to the alps for two weeks paddling in Italy’s Val Sesia and around the Briancon area of France. For various reasons I couldn’t go and am finding myself sulking slightly as I become more jealous of them as the week progresses. At least though it made be look back […]

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Hurley Prime Time

I trashed my Nikon 18-200MM zoom lens in Nepal, so a new one is ordered I’ve using the Tokina AF 100mm F/2.8  Macro AT-X 100AF PRO D that I bought at Christmas. I’ve not used it a great deal but I’m quite please with the results as the larger aperture seemed to cope with the low light […]

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