Four go to Wales

Summer boating sessions on proper rivers seem to be far and few between, and despite being fun always seem to take their toll.

Anyway unexpected rain in Wales led Andy, Nick, Lee and Myself to head to the Valleys this weekend to paddle the Mellte and Nedd Fechlan. With the gauge for the Mellte on the EA River Level Site reading 0.68m there was significantly more water than last time I paddled it.

All the drops were running and apart from from two little incidents… I stupidly managed to go over a waterfall upside down. Fortunately no damage was done apart from a small dent in the nose of my boat. Andy was slightly less fortunately, landing on his side after a drop and pulling some muscles in his side. This meant he had to walk out and miss the second half of the river.

The Nedd Fechlan was slightly less fun, multiple trees had fallen making it more of a slog than it was worth.

Pictures from the Mellte can be found HERE.

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