Quenching the Thirst

Duncan Man's Up

Every October KCC make a trip down to Devon for the first and foremost club trip of the year – Tony’s Dart Trip. For most of the Club this is the introduction to the white water season and anticipation for the the weekends paddling was high.

This year nearly 40 people made the journey down and as is traditional for the trip, there had been no rain and the rivers were dry. To make matters worse the forecasts said there would be no surf either.

Desperate to paddle and with the usual fall back scuppered we reluctantly went to look at the Dart and it was decided that whilst low it would still be navigable. Actually I was pleasantly surprised at how good the loop was considering the lack of water. More importantly the numerous club members from this years intake and those who haven’t paddled the river before seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. I can only image how much they’ll smile next time they paddle it with hopefully higher levels.

With the paddling done for the day our attentions turned to the main event; food and drink at the Rising Sun. With the addition of a mobile disco and plenty of Jail Ale not even Louise getting Lee and I evicted from the dance floor was going to stop this evening before 4am…

All the revelry meant that Sunday saw a rather green looking group of paddlers making belated start to the planned paddle down the Exe. A gentle float followed by the best cream tea ever in the Jolly Rogers Teas Room at Exeter Quays helped the heads clear and the smiles had returned before we hit the road home.

Whilst there may not have been much liquid in the rivers there was enough, we certainly drank enough to ensure our thirst was quenched. Until next time.

Another year, another successful Tony trip.

See more photos by clicking HERE.


Smiley Kate
The main event

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