Misty Morning

This weekend I ventured down to Dartmoor for the annual Pyranha Fest with a few friends from KCC. Saturday saw the Dart hovering around the edge of the ledge and clear blue skies that made the dry suit seem unnecessary, well almost.

Taking a punt on the Erme running we headed to Ivybridge and to our delight there was enough water there to make running the entire length of it worthwhile. Full of jubilation from this we rushed off for a quick decent of the Upper Dart followed by the Loop.


Despite feeling a little weary Saturday night was made for dancing with the crew from Pyranha providing the tunes and its own ‘Angry Fish’ beer.

In the rush to grab as much paddling time as possible I’d managed to fail to take advantage of the sun and hadn’t taken a single photo on Saturday. Sunday was going to be a gentler day on the Upper Dart with plenty of time to take photos. Unfortunately the sun was no where to be seen, the entire of the Dart Valley was shrouded in mist.

Not that that made any difference of course, the paddling was still great. The pictures just look a less bright.


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