(not) Paddling to a Pub


What better way to spend a sunny Sunday than pottering along the river until a reaching a rather nice riverside pub? No a lot really, unfortunately I wasn’t able to partake in said activity. A lingering throat infection and doctors order kept me out of my boat and on the bank. On the plus side I really needed to get out on my bike and a gentle amble along the Thames path was nearly as nice.

On the water a large group of KCCers paddling everything from playboats to sea kayaks made their way from Abingdon to Long Wittenham stopping off to play in the weirs at Sutton Courtenay pools.

Finishing at the Plough, the paddlers hopped in their cars they’d shuttled earlier leaving me to cycle home. Funny how a gentle cycle ride seems much more hard work seems like much harder work on a full stomach.

There’s a few photos HERE, but as I forgot to pick up my camera bag they were taken with my phone.

Finally, thanks to Annabelle for getting everyone organised.

Variety in boats



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