Strange Times

We’re officially in a drought apparently. Despite this I managed to find myself on a spate run of the Edw (a tributary of the River Wye) last weekend and paddled Hurley Weir on three gates yesterday. Go figure.

On both occasions I managed to not take a single photo.

In the mean time however I here are some picture of what I have been up to whilst waiting out the dry days…

A spot of Skiing (more pics):


A Kingfisher Canoe Club trip to the River Dee (more pics):

Duncan on Serpents Tail

A trip to the Olympic Slalom Course at Lee Valley (more pics):

Guy at Lee Valley

Attended the Dee River Festival and paddled the Tryweryn (more pics):

Nick at the Big T

Some masochistic biking (again) and chilling by the beach (more pics)

All new Bay Watch!

Oh and I got married:

Gettin' Hitched

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