Along time ago…

WWPF_2013 (6 of 13)

…I used to do something called white water kayaking. This year however has been so busy I’ve had scant chance to venture beyond the River Thames with my boat. However I did manage to get away for the weekend and dash up to Fort William for the 2013 Wet West Paddlefest along with a few other members of Kingfisher Canoe Club.

It was 2008 last time I ventured to this event –

After a low run down the river Etive on Friday we had possibly the greatest piece of weather related luck ever to bestow a paddler, we had stunning sun and blues skies on Saturday for the dam released Moriston river and torrential rain on Sunday which meant all the rivers in the area came up. Perhaps to much. With a long drive ahead of us we opted to run the easier sections of the Upper Etive to ensure no epics delayed our drive home.

A fantastic weekend really. Shame to see Fort Williams night life hasn’t changed much in 5 years though…

More photos HERE.

WWPF_2013 (9 of 13) WWPF_2013 (12 of 13) WWPF_2013 (13 of 13)


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