Canoe Kayak – July 2011

It’s a bit late seeing as the August edition comes out soon, but, the July issue of Canoe Kayak magazine has an article written by “semi-retired gentleman” Dave Surman about our Easter tour of Europe (here and here). Illustrated by photos from yours truly, go buy a copy before it’s to late.

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Chasing the Water, part 2

Where new adventure lies just around the bend That evening Dave, Martyn and I did a little exploratory work, scouting out some other rivers for the next day. Unfortunately all the rivers we looked at were a little on the low side. Once again resorting to internet rumours and a little bit of blind faith […]

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Chasing the Water, part 1

You know this royal wedding? Well it means that there are two four-day weekends in a row, which means for the cost of three days annual leave we can have an eleven day holiday. Anyone want to go paddling? How could we not? So after a little guidebook research I came up with a suggestion: […]

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Alps 2007: Photos

I had a load od statistics about our trip to write up, but the only one I can remember is that we went through 18 toilet rolls over the two weeks… Anyway photos of the trip can be found by clicking on the picture of Lee below.

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ALPS 2007: Day Five

It kind of went a bit wrong today (for me anyway), but first lets rewind back tonight to last night… On Mondays most of the resteraunts and shops are closed. However the ever resoursful Mr Surman located an eating establishment that was open so off we went. Dave H and Andy were ten minutes late. […]

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ALPS 2007: Day Four

Went to look at the Upper Semenza but it was too low so did the Egua and Sorba Slides instead. Egua was low but great fun, battering though boulder gardens to find wonderful granit slides and drops. The Sorba Slides last about three minutes, but they had to be ticked off. Two swims, Mike and […]

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ALPS 2007: Day Three

Despite being conned into drinking an extra three beers I didn’t wanr last night today marked first paddling of the trip; The Lower Sermenza and the Sesia Gorge. Highlights of the day: – Bimbling over a drop we weren’t expecting, resulting in Dave S pulling play boat move in his Burn! – Dave S’s boat […]

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