Canoe Kayak – July 2011

It’s a bit late seeing as the August edition comes out soon, but, the July issue of Canoe Kayak magazine has an article written by “semi-retired gentleman” Dave Surman about our Easter tour of Europe (here and here). Illustrated by photos from yours truly, go buy a copy before it’s to late.

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Welcome to the Hotel Lohias

I’ve been stuck in Delhi (which looks just like the photo above) for nearly a week now due to the disruption caused by an Icelandic volcano and it looks like we maybe here for another six or seven days. Our party of ten have been living it up in Hotel Lohias just on the edge […]

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Don’t forget…

ABINGDON BLASTATHON*: Kingfisher Canoe Clubs annual ‘rodeo’ at Abingdon Weir. FURTHER INFO ON ANY OF THIS: DAVE SURMAN 01865 373115 OR EMAIL *as featured in "English White Water"       .

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Pathfinder Youth Canoe Club

The last two Mondays I have been helping out at the Pathfinders Youth Canoe Club. This club is run for those between the ages of 11 and 18. PYCC runs with the help of many members of Kingfisher Canoe Club both of which share the same site in Abingdon. The club runs on Monday nights […]

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Easter Holiday

I’m back from India after two weeks of splendid paddling with friends, all very good fun. Managed twelve days of paddling and bagged my first multi-day trips. It was also my first time out of western Europe or North America and the whole experience came as a bit of a shock, mainly good but certainly […]

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