Strange Times

We’re officially in a drought apparently. Despite this I managed to find myself on a spate run of the Edw (a tributary of the River Wye) last weekend and paddled Hurley Weir on three gates yesterday. Go figure. On both occasions I managed to not take a single photo. In the mean time however I here […]

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Safety First

This last weekend I attended an Advanced White Water Safety & Rescue course up in North Wales. Booked through by Tom Parker and coached by Chris Eastabrook. It’s a while since I’ve done one of these and the BCU have expanded the old one from one to two separate courses since then. The advanced course is billed […]

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Fun and games in Wales

I spent last weekend up in North Wales with KCC on what I fear might become known as “Simon’s Annual Tryweryn Trip”. Well at least it’ll fit well with “Tony’s Dart Weekend” and “Guy’s Annual Usk Trip“. Anyway with twenty of us we managed to put in a good effort with groups paddling both the Upper and […]

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I went to the Tryweryn this weekend. Easy going paddling was the order of the day, just cruising and practising catching those micro-eddies, plus a little play-boating in a creek boat. These pictures were all taken with a Nikon 50mm F1.8D AF Nikkor Lens, dirt cheap but takes darn good images. I haven’t used it for a while and had forgotten how good it […]

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Boating and Elvis

It’s been a while but I managed to get out on some white water this weekend. This is a good thing as I’m off to Nepal in a couple of weeks for some multi-day river fun and I’m taking a new boat that until now I had only paddled on the rather sedentary waters of […]

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This weekend we were supposed to be attending the River Rescue Symposium that we had great fun at last year in Llangollen. Unfortunately it was cancelled as not enough people booked in advance. There was no rain forecast either, but, seeing as we still had hotel rooms booked and the Doug Ammons lecture was going […]

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