Safety First

This last weekend I attended an Advanced White Water Safety & Rescue course up in North Wales. Booked through by Tom Parker and coached by Chris Eastabrook. It’s a while since I’ve done one of these and the BCU have expanded the old one from one to two separate courses since then. The advanced course is billed […]

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Misty Morning

This weekend I ventured down to Dartmoor for the annual Pyranha Fest with a few friends from KCC. Saturday saw the Dart hovering around the edge of the ledge and clear blue skies that made the dry suit seem unnecessary, well almost. Taking a punt on the Erme running we headed to Ivybridge and to […]

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North of the border

Me, about to be pummelled. The photo above was taken last week on the River Orchy by Guy Davies. It’s me on ‘Eas a’Chataidh’ just before I back-looped on to the rocks and bashed my head and got pummelled leaving me with a ringing headache. Fortunately no permanent damage seems to of been done to me though […]

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Last weekend I and a few friends took advantage of the recent rainfall and headed off to Wales for a spot of paddling. Though I thought it was a bit low, the Upper Tawe didn’t fail to provide thrills and the section from Glynetawe to Abercraf was splendid. As was the lamb in the local pub. In […]

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Roller-coaster River

This is my write-up of the trip down the Thuli Bheri river I did at Easter which appeared in the most recent edition of  the Trasher. I didn’t get many on water shots (I was a bit preoccupied) but all the photos from this trip can be found here. ****************************************************************************** Roller-coaster River The Thuli Bheri river […]

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Not padding

A number of friends have gone to the alps for two weeks paddling in Italy’s Val Sesia and around the Briancon area of France. For various reasons I couldn’t go and am finding myself sulking slightly as I become more jealous of them as the week progresses. At least though it made be look back […]

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Nipping over to Nepal

As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been out of the country for 25 days on a trip to Nepal where I paddled the Thuli Bheri and Karnali rivers. Of the 25 days just 8 were spent on the water; the paddling to travelling ratio was not as good as it should have been. A large […]

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Welcome to the Hotel Lohias

I’ve been stuck in Delhi (which looks just like the photo above) for nearly a week now due to the disruption caused by an Icelandic volcano and it looks like we maybe here for another six or seven days. Our party of ten have been living it up in Hotel Lohias just on the edge […]

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Expedition Porridge

Ingredients: 300ml Water 1 cup/50g Porridge Oats 4-5 tablespoons of powdered milk 4 tablespoons (handful) raisins 7 chopped apricots 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar Add all the dry ingredients together and bag up and add to your food supplies. When you want to eat it add water and mix. Heat until the it looks and […]

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