Levelling Up

It rained towards the end of last week, but annoyingly stopped before the weekend. Still, I thought, all that rain on Friday should leave some rivers full enough to paddle on Saturday. But where to go? Devon was the obvious answer, the Upper Dart would still be lapping around the bottom of the ledge. But […]

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Norway Without the Gnarl

Whilst going through a few things I found this article I wrote ages ago and promptly forgot about. It brings back a few memories of an outstanding trip last year and has fired me up for the trips I’ve got planned this year. Just what I needed to get me out of the winter slump. […]

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Looking down on Sunningwell

I’ve just been skiing on the hill behind our village. Didn’t manage to pick up as much speed as I’d hoped and I can see why ski lifts were invented; walking uphill in ski boots is no fun… (Read More)

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Playing on triple falls

I’ve spent the past two weekends on Dartmoor reacquainting myself with some of the best rivers in the country. It’s been a long summer with none of the unseasonable rain that allowed as much fun as we had the previous year, but now the paddling season seems to of properly started… (Read More)

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Mark and Tim

Last week I made whats become a regular pilgrimage to Roy Bridge in Scotland. With plenty of water, indeed too much at times, there was plenty to do on the water and I managed to get the following rivers in at a leisurely pace… (Read More)

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Doug takes the shot
This is a slighty reworked version of an article that appeared in the Trasher, the Kingfisher Canoe Club’s newsletter.

Paddling is all about being on the water right? Well yes, however when running a white-water river, there are certain things that should be done from the bank, especially if you want your decent to be a safe one. Here are five things to do bankside for you to think about… (Read More)

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Andy on Norway.

Andy Wicks; Top chap. That’s him in the picture above, falling off a water fall. Not only did he organise our unruly bunch in to actually getting to Norway but he threw himself down as many rivers as he possible could with a certain degree of style. Now, to top it all, he’s only gone and made a video […]

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I got back from Norway on Sunday after twelve days of fantastic paddling, well, nine days paddling and the rest driving actually. During this time our group managed to paddle the following rivers between us: · Trysilevia · Unsetåa · Setninga · Sjoa Playrun · Ula · Upper Jori · Lora · Upper Rauma · […]

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California Photos

I’ve finally trawled my way through 900 odd photos and picked out some if the best ones. These can be found by clicking here. The pictures above is Dave running a section of the Yuba under Marks watchful eye.

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