Hurley Classic

I’ve been a bit quiet on the paddling front this year. The reason for this can be seen in the the photos below taken at the Hurley Classic back in November. Now I’m almost a year into this new adventure life seems to be getting into more of a routine and a bit more paddling […]

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Strange Times

We’re officially in a drought apparently. Despite this I managed to find myself on a spate run of the Edw (a tributary of the River Wye) last weekend and paddled Hurley Weir on three gates yesterday. Go figure. On both occasions I managed to not take a single photo. In the mean time however I here […]

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Hurley Prime Time

I trashed my Nikon 18-200MM zoom lens in Nepal, so a new one is ordered I’ve using the Tokina AF 100mm F/2.8  Macro AT-X 100AF PRO D that I bought at Christmas. I’ve not used it a great deal but I’m quite please with the results as the larger aperture seemed to cope with the low light […]

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